About Us

We Are Sarah, Sophie And Emma, three best friends, mothers, and entrepreneurs that Love everything about crafts. Recently we discovered our passion for Diamond painting, and decided to create unique and easy to use sets to share our passion with the rest of  the craft and painting lovers :).

Diamond painting is the latest trend for painting and crafts lovers, and there is no craft as entertaining and addictive! Every artist craves about these Diamond Painting sets! Create your own masterpiece and decorate your home with it. Take a break from the daily routine and enjoy the moment by creating beautiful art, easier than ever!

Extremely easy to do, our DIY sets come with everything you need to create an amazing artwork. Using the pick-up pen supplied, simply follow the instructions and apply the different colored gems to the corresponding pixels on the canvas. Continue applying gems until the picture is complete! Just choose from hundreds of different designs and get started! You will amaze friends and family with your sparkling creations!